opens a PlayStation Network store is a real thing. Sony and Amazon have partnered up to bring you PlayStation Network titles away from the PlayStation Store. Over 200 PS3 and PSP titles are available now.

This all works through digital access codes, meaning that customers will be buying these codes on Amazon customers will get this code immediately after purchase, and it will be stored in that customer’s Your Games & Software Library. They will then redeem the code on their PS3 or PSP. These codes can also be sent as gifts.

What good is this to you? Well, it makes for way easier browsing of PSN offerings. As an example, here’s all the PSOne Classics offerings on one page. There’s also a promotion running right now: Buy a PS3 Slim or a PSP and get a free PSN game. Get Trash Panic — it’s awesome.

Will you be using this new Amazon PSN? I think it’s way easier to use than the PlayStation Store on the consoles.

Dale North