has Halo 3 Legendary Edition for $59.99 shipped

What do you get for the diehard Halo fan in your life this holiday? Not this Halo 3 Legendary Edition, because they already have it. But, if you know someone who wanted it and missed it the first time, or you just want a shiny helmet, then you’ll be pleased to know that is selling the package for $59.99 with free shipping.

As Destructoid community blogger -D- points out, this sale chops off 54 percent from the original price of $130, and that the price is attractive enough for those that aren’t so much into the series.

For the same price as the standard version, you’ll get a Spartan Mjolnir Mark VI helmet with display stand, two bonus discs of extra content, and something to rub in the face of your friend who paid full price for it a few months back. What a deal!

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