Amazing War for Cybertron GameStop commercial is amazing

Usually, GameStop commercials are embarrassingly unfunny, but this Transformers: War for Cybertron advert is nothing short of fantastic. As you’ll see, the game not only has the touch, but it has the motherf*cking power!

It sounds like these are the same voices that will appear in the game, and if they are, I’m impressed that Shockwave sounds exactly like he did in the G1 cartoon to the point where I’m pretty sure it’s the original actor. This advert also marks the first full look at Starscream, whose voice is a little… worrying. I was really hoping to get a performance from Doug Parker or Tom Kenny. 

At the very least, this ad’s pretty funny if you’re a fan of the old cartoons and the retro nod for Soundwave is kickass. As for the game itself, yours truly will be in San Francisco tomorrow to check out the game. I’ll be playing through nearly all the modes and I shall report back asap with confirmation as to whether or not this game truly does have the touch. 

[Update: Depending on which ad you get, the actual sponsor ad for this video IS the video. That’s so f*cking meta]

Jim Sterling