Amanita puzzle adventure Samorost 3 hits iOS

And it’s only $4.99!

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Machinarium and Botanicula creator Amanita Design has brought its most recent puzzle adventure, the delightful Samorost 3, to iPhone and iPad. The game’s alien landscapes are just something else!

Our own Ben Davis reviewed the PC version earlier this year, noting “Samorost 3 is a relatively short journey, taking about five to six hours to beat and a little more to fully complete. That time is jam-packed with delightful characters, stunning scenery, and clever puzzles, so while it may be brief, it’s certainly time well spent. For anyone who appreciates Amanita’s previous titles or the point-and-click adventure genre in general, Samorost 3 comes highly recommended.”

It’s worth mentioning the price point again, because it’s substantially lower on mobile — $4.99 compared to the PC version’s $19.99 price tag. That’s the mobile market for you. Amanita previously talked about an Android port of Samorost 3 release as well, so that should still happen eventually.

Samorost 3 [App Store]

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