Alter announces a bikini version of Rise from Persona 4

I was thrilled last week to see the Wave figure of Rise from Persona 4 open for preorder as I’ve been dying to expand my Persona 4 figure collection, but apparently it’s not going to stop there as pictures of a bikini version of Rise popped up today.

Alter is doing this one, which will be 1/8 scale and come sout this September. No price is set yet, but we should hear about one soon enough. While I love the detail of the cell phone with the Teddie charm (nice touch, Alter!), I have to admit I still prefer the original costume version from Wave. Not that Rise doesn’t look nice in a bikini and all, but there’s something about the flying pigtails that doesn’t quite sit right with me. I also can’t help but note there’s already two Rise figures and the only male figure announced is Teddie. I don’t want to give up hope on a Yosuke figure just yet….

Colette Bennett