Also on XBLA this Wednesday: Commanders: Attack of the Genos

It turns out Discs of Tron will not be alone when it hits Xbox Live Arcade this week after all — Commanders: Attack of the Genos (800 Microsoft Points) has been confirmed for release on Wednesday as well.

Commanders will offer most of what you’d expect from a turn-based strategy game: a variety of units, 15 missions, online and offline 4-player multiplayer, and a 1930’s art deco style.

The aim of the actual gameplay itself is accessibility, so if you’re into deep strategy games that feature complex upgrade paths and require you to research the instruction manual before attempting to play the tutorial, Commanders might not necessarily be for you.

Do either of these games look good, Dtoiders? I think you all know how I feel about Discs of Tron already, but I’m going to hold judgment on Commanders until I can play it.

Jordan Devore
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