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Destructoid is all about the arts. In this particular instance, chalk. Dtoid superfanboy and multi-Academy Award nominee Justin “Raspberry Jowls” Dopiriak is looking for a little help from the internets. As you can see above, “Raspberry Jowls” loves the classics.

About a week ago, my friend and I more or less vandalized school property at The College of New Jersey under the protection of a vaguely defined art project. The police showed up, but they just assumed we had permission and they left. The work was well received, probably because it was a robot, and we managed to squeeze a few signatures out of some professors allowing us to do more.

Why do I tell you this story? Because while I know robots lack compassion, I believe the propagation of gaming iconography may be within your programming. You see, we have ambitions of displaying prominently the climactic Mario vs. Bowser scene of SMB1 in the center of campus during our Annual Interactive Multimedia Showcase on a massive brick wall. Unfortunately, since this is out of the jurisdiction of the art department, we will need permission from a collection of soul-eating, gray-haired bureaucrats who are too ancient to understand that this is more than mere vandalism. One of the justifications I intend to provide is that this massive mural will draw outside attention to the college.

Please support our case simply by posting our work. I think the other readers would love to see it and would be happy to know that simply by looking at the images, they are helping to bring out an unnecessarily large recreation of a classic gaming duel. In return, I will chalk your likeness into the side of a building where you will stand among the gaming greats forever or until you get wet, whichever comes first.

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