Also, babies: Infant makes its first crawl toward a 360 controller

I’m sure many of us have desperately crawled, lightly wailing, toward a videogame controller before, but unlike us, this chappy has an excuse, on account of being a baby, and not a drug-addled, booze-soaked twentysomething nobody like all of us … I mean, all of you. One of the readers at Brian Crecente’s Follicle Parade sent this one in over there, and now I’m posting it here because I’m a rotten hack with nothing better to do.

It’s a beautiful moment, isn’t it? This is a young life’s first attempt at self-propulsion and its destination of choice is the warm, glowing embrace of an Xbox 360 controller. Why, it’s almost enough to make me want to have kids, if I didn’t absolutely abhor the dirty, undignified, freeloading little parasites.  

Is it a slow news day today?

James Stephanie Sterling