Alpha Protocol has choices, we prefer the violent ones

Today, Sega released a new trailer for Alpha Protocol (available after the break). It has bursts of gameplay, most of it hovering around violence of some kind. The game’s protagonist, Michael Thornton, can really bust some heads. He can also cap a dude if he needs to.

Despite the fighting, the trailer ends on the note that “choice is the weapon.” If choices involve violence — I get it. Nothing is more gratifying than deciding whether to crack a dude’s skull or shatter his spine. I grew up with Mortal Kombat. I can’t help the mentality.

But I have a feeling Sega is shooting for something subtler. Alpha Protocol is an RPG of sorts, allowing players to put Achievement Points in 10 different categories as they earn them throughout the game. There’s also the promise of a beefy dialogue system that will allow players to sway characters in the game through three different approaches — suave, professional, and aggressive. Of course, there’s also choosing between physical approaches. Stealth, tech and violence will probably all have different impacts on the game’s progression.

Hit the break for the video. I promise mad judo kicks and a creepy one-eyed dude.

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