Alone in the Dark Web site launches, NYC tourism drops 40%

Atari has launched the official Web site for the upcoming game, Alone in the Dark, and the New York City Tourism Board is going to be pissed. focuses on the strange happenings and unexplained phenomenon that takes place in New York City’s jogging hot spot, Central Park (where the dark and scary Alone in the Dark takes place). The site details the park’s history, detailing incongruous facts from historical documentation, newspapers, and scholars. Apparently, there’s a bit more going on here than “they” would like us to know about … and it’s totally scary.

Or at least that’s what Atari would like you to think. will be updated every two weeks until Alone in the Dark‘s launch, which is scheduled for this May.

Alone in the Dark


– Alone in the Dark Official Website at CentralDark.Com Exposes Shadowy Mysteries and Conspiracies Of Central Park –

NEW YORK, February 7, 2008 – Atari, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATAR), one of the world’s most recognized brands and a third-party video game publisher and distributor, today announced the launch of the official website for the upcoming action survival game Alone in the Dark, featuring a series of fascinating and intriguing facts, legends and stories which reveal the strange and unexplained happenings which have dogged the history of New York’s magnificent municipal parkland, Central Park.  Visitors to the site will begin a journey into the murky past of New York’s backyard and see how the park’s checkered history has influenced and inspired the production of Alone in the Dark.

 With new facts and park lore scheduled every two weeks up to launch of the game in May, visitors can already learn a great deal of incongruous facts drawn from historical documentation, newspapers, and the work of scholars, all of which suggests there’s more than meets the eye behind the design and perfect preservation of this enormous parkland in the city that never sleeps. The implication is that considerably different motives were at work than just the desire to create a grand public parkland for the people of New York.  Here’s just a taste of the questions posed:

    * Why was the soil that was used to construct Central Park not from New Jersey as recorded, and according to microchemical analysis not even from America?
    * What were the suspected political motivations behind the complete decimation of Seneca village, Manhattan’s first African American community, during the park’s construction?
    * In a city with debts of $4.8 Billion, who has the power to ensure that Central Park’s $528 Billion of prime Manhattan real estate has remained completely untouched since its creation?
    * Who built the existing tunnel network under the park that was used for Oppenheimer’s Manhattan Project of 1853 that led to the creation of the atomic bomb?

Nick Chester