Alone in the Dark special edition looks fantastic

Edward Carnby may be Alone in the Dark, but he’s certainly not alone in the box if the above image is anything to go by. Eden’s fire-fueled survival horror sequel is looking amazing and it seems to have carried over into the special edition of the game — just look at all that stuff.

Hardcore Alone in the Dark fans, will have everything they could ever want with this set — an Edward figure, a sixty page art book, an audio CD and a DVD all in a kickass box. I also heard there’s a videogame in there somewhere. 

While special editions are often, quite rightly, regarded with cynicism, I’d be lying if I said the occasional one didn’t rouse my interest, and this is definitely the case here. I just hope the game matches the quality of the package it comes in, though what I’ve seen thus far does little to damage such high hopes. Really looking forward to this.

Jim Sterling