Alone in the Dark contest entries and winner announced

A month has passed and the results are in. I charged readers with the task of hand-drawing their visions of what videogame characters do when they are alone in the dark, so that they might win themselves an Xbox 360, a copy of Alone in the Dark, and assorted swag. First off, I am impressed that only ONE of you decided to send me a picture of Yoshi masturbating, an image too disgusting and pornographic to post here, although I am sure it can be made available to anybody who wants it.

As for the rest of the entries, you can view them in the gallery below, and credits go to these people in order of appearance:

1: Burger Time — Forest

2: Dirty Luigi — Terry

3: Fugitive Mario — sirjester

4: Sweet Tooth is … yeah — PwnanObrien

5: Crossdressing Link — Chris

6: Super Smash Brothers — Mabman

7 +: Comic born of someone’s fractured brain — Woverine

So, who wins? For originality in character choice, drawing talent and ability to disturb without being overtly pornographic, I have to award PwnanObrien the prize for his Sweet Tooth/teddy bear union. Pwnan, please email me with a shipping address so we can have your prize sent. Same goes for our DBZ winner, Incredible Edible Egg, I’m still waiting for a PM from you. 

Thank you to everyone who entered, and remember that both Niero and I still have console-flavored hotness to give away.

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