Almost fifty games under $20 on Amazon today

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Amazon’s Prelude to Black Friday continues with another videogame promotion. What they’re offering today is a selection of games rated “four stars” — about as high as anything can score where their ratings are concerned — priced at under twenty dollars. Even if the game’s price has to be cut in half to get there.

Sure, there’s some junk in there and some older titles that, while cheap, aren’t too appealing. But you can grab 3D Dot Heroes, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, or Super Street Fighter IV for only $20, which is nothing to shake a stick at. Check out the whole list.

There will also be another lightning deal starting at 10 AM Pacific today. Amazon’s clue says that the game is, “From the creative minds behind Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X.” I’m not up on my trivia regarding who is considered how much of a mind on what games in this series, so I won’t begin to guess. Perhaps you’ll be more inclined towards speculation?

Holiday Central in Video Games [Amazon]

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