Almost done, guys? PlayStation maintenance today

It looks like the PSN is coming back online soon. Good. Man, I’ve got a ton of games I’ve been wanting to get for both PS3 and PSP. Sony, figure this sh*t out and you’ll get some of my money! You like money, don’t you?

They’ve got some things to do before the service goes back up, and it looks like they’ll be doing some of these things today. The UK PlayStation website says that PSN will be down for maintenance from 4:30 PM GMT today through 7:01 AM GMT Thursday. All registrations, Store functions and and online play will be shut down during that time, though you can sign in for online play before this time and stay on.

There’s no word on the other regions, including ours, but it’s still early. We’re sure it’s a full maintenance outage. 

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