Almost 50% of stores ignore ESRB ratings, according to undercover survey

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The East County Youth Coalition, in conjunction with a number of other organizations has conducted an undercover survey to see just how often children can get their hands on adult-oriented videogames and the results are disappointing to say the least. Of over 60 stores nationwide, 46% had no problem putting games like Narc into the hands of eager kiddies. This isn’t good.

We here at Destructoid have voiced our support of adult games many times in the past, but we agree that ratings need to be listened to in order for our arguments to be taken seriously. It’s very well saying certain games aren’t aimed at kids, but store workers need to pull their bloody fingers out and actually pay some attention. This isn’t the videogame industry’s fault, but it’s certainly the industry that will get it in the neck, not the dumb twat at GameStop who was too busy thinking about how drunk he’d be getting that night to refuse sale of an M-rated game to a minor.

That’s the crux of the issue here — you can bet for sure that videogames themselves will be the focus of blame here when it’s not really their fault. It’s being claimed that kids as young as seven can get their hands on M-rated games without adult supervision near 50% of the time, something that is completely undermining the games industry in the face of angry parents and watchdog groups.

That said, no child of seven should be out buying games on his own anyway. Let’s not forget the role of the parent in all this, as well. Seriously … is it too much to ask that everybody grow themselves a bloody brain?

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