All the deals for next week’s release of The Division

From Standard to Gold Edition

Update 3/6/16: A couple of changes to pricing below with a few dead deals to boot. GMG now has pre-load available for The Division with the Uplay keys coming straight from Ubisoft. Nice.

Next Tuesday is judgement day of sorts, as Ubisoft releases its latest AAA title to face the gaming crowd. Will it flop? Will it be the next best thing since sliced bread? If you’ve already made up your mind from the beta and are looking for pre-order deals on Tom Clancy’s The Division, we’ve got you covered.

The outright best deal for the PC version are discounts reaching up to 30 percent off thanks to regional pricing magic. Games Planet and Funstock both have the title with preloading enabled and a pre-order bonus for around $42. Games Planet is sending out keys as of writing (no word on Funstock yet, let us know if you’ve bought from there and have your keys sent already).

The Division Deals

    PC Standard Edition

    PC Gold Edition

    Xbox One

    Xbox One/PS4

      Console deals break down into two categories: gift card bonuses or paid membership discount. Best Buy and Amazon are both offering 20% discounts on The Division, but you’ll need to be either a Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked member or an Amazon Prime member to snag the deal.

      If a membership fee isn’t worth it, there are still gift card options. Dell Home is offering the aforementioned $100 bonus gift card for the 1TB bundle, or if you pick up the pricey $100 Gold Edition, you’ll receive a $25 eGift Card for your trouble.

      The best place for an Xbox One owner to pick up a copy of The Division is likely at the Microsoft Store, where you’ll receive a $10 Xbox gift card. Release-day delivery passed by this morning, but they should still be able to get the game to you within a day or two of release if you order this week.

      For the PC version, you’ll have to shop across the pond for a good price on the Uplay copy, wherein you can pick up the Standard Edition for about £30 or the Gold Edition of The Division for £52. Both keys are NOT locked to any particular region, so you can activate the game worldwide if you buy from either Games Planet or Funstock Digital (without having to fiddle with any VPN). The final pricing will probably depend on your bank’s exchange rate at time of transaction, but it shouldn’t be too far off from the USD pricing we listed above.

      While Green Man Gaming has a discount available with its standard coupon, we’re only listing it for the sake of comparison given that its key source is an “authorized distributor” and you won’t receive your game key until release day (no pre-load or pre-order bonuses are available).

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