All the Bethesda games are up for pre-order now

Amazon’s on it

Bethesda kicked off E3 2015 with a nice little press conference last night. The stars of the show were Fallout 4, Doom, and Dishonored 2. Each title got a fair chunk of time dedicated to it, so we know what they look like (even if it was under tightly controlled circumstances).

Amazon already has listings up for each of these Bethesda games. One of those titles even comes with a big ol’ Pip-Boy. It’s a little more expensive, but I mean, there’s a Pip-Boy.

For those who like to pre-order, Amazon’s got your back. It’s the easiest option for anyone who dreads wandering outside their vault. There’s scary stuff out there. You ever see a Deathclaw? Don’t risk it.

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