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All the best Bloodborne weapons

You just brought a saw to a gunfight?! Good.

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Outside of Sekiro, Bloodborne features the smallest arsenal out of any Souls game. 26 seems low for a game about blood, but it helps that most trick weapons can carve through every boss without much hassle. Even though pretty much anything a hunter can yield in Bloodborne rocks, some weapons stand above the rest — even if just out of sheer coolness.

Simon’s Bowblade

This one exists for people who like to play Dark Souls as ranged mages. Even though Simon’s Bowblade features both a ranged and a melee mode, players can destroy everything from a safe-enough distance.

You Can find Simon’s Bowblade on Simon as you talk to him by the Lighthouse Hut Lamp on the Old Hunters DLC. He’ll be kind enough to die and leave it there for players to pick up.

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Saw Cleaver

This is the Bloodborne weapon you’ll see in all promotional materials for the game. It’s also one of the first weapons players can get — and completely free of charge. One’d expect this to be the most basic weapon available, one that players would eventually need to grow past. Nope, it’s damn awesome and you can carry it throughout the entire game.

Players can find the Saw Cleaver on the game’s cover, on its posters, and they can grab it as soon as they first enter the Hunter’s Dream.

Hunter Axe

Yet another starting weapon, yet another contender for best weapon in the game. Unlike the Saw Cleaver, however, the Hunter Axe features a more complex move set. As long as players take notice of its higher windup time when in double-handed mode, it more than pays off. The Hunter Axe rewards players in damage output in both single and multi-opponent encounters.

Players can grab it for free as soon as they enter the Hunter’s Dream.

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Want to be a Samurai? Well, too bad. Bloodborne takes place in fake Victorian England, not fake Victorian Japan. If players want to act like a Samurai, however, their best bet is the Chikage.

It features a move set similar to that of a katana in other Souls games, but it features a bunch of awesome additions. For one, players can either use it on one hand or in two-handed mode, which is more options than they get in Sekiro, FromSoft’s actual Samurai game. The Chikage also allows players to sacrifice their own HP to power it up and, hell, does it pay off. The Chikage is nearly unbeatable when it comes to sheer damage output — just make sure your enemy is the one on the receiving end.

Players can find the Chikage at Cainhurst Castle after beating the area boss. Be careful not to miss it, however, as this is an entirely optional area.


Want to look like Lady Maria, the most badass hunter in the game? The best way to go about it involves picking up the Rakuyo, a sword and knife combo that turns into a two-handed and two-bladed sword.

The Rakuyo is one of the hardest weapons to acquire. It requires players to go all the way up to the fishing village at the end of the DLC, and then enter one of the most cramped and dangerous areas in the entire game. Players will have to fight one giant fish and survive an ambush from yet another giant fish monster, but it’ll be more than worth it.

Ludwig’s Holy Blade

Ever wanted a sword that’s quick and nimble, but can also turn into a greatsword capable of cutting a horse in half? Then Ludwig’s Holy Blade is the one for you. Out of all Bloodborne weapons, Ludwig’s Holy Blade is the one that most resembles Guts’ sword from Berserk, one of Miyazaki’s great inspirations. There’s no way it wouldn’t be a top-tier weapon.

You can buy Ludwing’s holy blade at the Hunter’s Dream after you acquire the Radiant Sword Badge in the Healing Church Workshop.

Whirligig Saw

Yes, Bloodborne features a weapon that’s a stick with a circular saw at the tip. In any other game, this would count as a joke weapon. In Bloodborne, however, it still looks funny, yeah, but it’s also one of the best weapons available.

You can find it outside of the Nightmare Church in the Old Hunters DLC.

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