All the Ashley puzzle solutions in the Resident Evil 4 remake

Her section has a little more to it this time

Ashley gets lost and separated from Leon once again in the Resident Evil 4 remake, and much like the Sherry Birkin sequences in RE2: you’ll need to take control of her to reunite them. Here’s how to get through every puzzle she encounters along the way.

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Choosing the right key as Ashley

Don’t overthink this one! You aren’t supposed to use every key in comical fashion to find the right one (you can, though!).

Just look for the symbol above the lock and match it to the corresponding key.

The Ashley clock puzzle solution

You’ll come across a rather large clock in an early portion of Ashley’s section: ignore it, you’ll come back it later.

After following the linear path you’ll come across the door you need to open for Leon (which needs to be unlocked with a sigil). In that room on the desk in the top left hand corner of the room (from where you entered) is a note. It contains the solution for the clock puzzles (all of them are the same). For us we just set the hour hand to 11 and the minute hand to four, and pressed “confirm” (X on PlayStation/A on Xbox). The clock will move to the side and the way will be open.

The Ashley lantern puzzle solution

For this one you’ll need just to match the symbols with the lantern:

  • The back of the room houses the circle lantern
  • The left of the room (facing the front, from where you put the back lantern down) has the star lantern
  • The right of the room (facing the front, from where you put the back lantern down) needs the crescent moon lantern

Insert all of them in the correct spots and the gate will open up: take the sigil and make it back to the aforementioned room with the clock code. Place the sigil into the wall next to the gated door and a cutscene will play: you’ll regain control of Leon and continue the story.

The cube puzzle solution

There is one more optional puzzle that you could engage with immediately after regaining control of Leon that involves a cube. Place it in the slot at the altar and align the cube so that it fits into the slot and all of the filled-in slots match up.

The exact solution can be found in the gallery above. You’ll get a Golden Lynx treasure for your trouble!

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