Tarisland Pre-registration rewards
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All Tarisland pre-registration rewards and how to claim them

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If you created a Tarisland account and pre-registered it before its global launch or shortly after it, you can redeem special rewards to help you progress faster and enjoy some cosmetics. Alongside a new player pack with potions and coins, you’ll also get an exclusive mount and pet to follow you around. Here’s how to claim Tarisland’s pre-registration rewards.

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How to claim Tarisland pre-registration rewards

Obtaining Tarisland pre-registration rewards requires creating a Level Infinite account, progressing through the game’s tutorial, and claiming rewards through the official Tarisland redemption site. Pre-registering using a Google or Apple account can create issues when claiming, delaying or preventing you from obtaining your items.

If you pre-registered using a Level Infinite account, then you’ll take the steps below to redeem your rewards:

  1. Log into Tarisland using the Level Infinite account you used to pre-register.
  2. Pick a server and region before creating a new character.
  3. Complete the game’s tutorial and reach the Ancash Tribe town.
  4. Claim your pre-registration rewards on the Tarisland redemption page.
  5. Return to your game, select the Social icon, and enter your Mail menu.
  6. Open your mail and claim your rewards.
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Once you claim your pre-registration rewards on the Tarisland reward page and enter your mailbox, you’ll find all your items available to claim. You can either claim them all or go through each one to check out the resources and cosmetics you obtained.

Tarisland pre-registration rewards list

Tarisland offers four initial pre-registration milestone rewards, as detailed below:

  • Lv. 30 Healing Potion (10)
  • Mithril Bait (5)
  • 5,000 Silver Coin
  • Great Taste title
  • Prosperity Seeker dog companion
  • Unicorn mount

If you’re eligible for Raffle Event Rewards, you can also get extra silver coins and health potions to help you advance even further in your playthrough.

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