All Strategy First games are 50% off on Steam

There’s nothing quite like a sale to get you buying things you don’t really need, and spending money you don’t really have. But that’s the situation I find myself in practically every week when Steam does its brilliant marketing ploy sales.

From now until Monday, April 13, any and all games from Strategy First are 50% off, or you can alternatively purchase the company’s entire catalog of 30 games for $74.99. Apparently, that’s over $275 in savings.

If I were to type all of the games on sale for this promotion, my keyboard would catch on fire, so I’ll instead kindly link to the lot of ’em and point out a few notable ones.

As I’m writing this, Sacred Gold is being beamed to my hard drive from Steam’s servers. There’s also a few FlatOut titles, and a bunch of other games I am not familiar with. Come to think of it, it’s probably better for you guys to recommend what games are worth downloading, not me.

Jordan Devore
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