All-star World of Warcraft player levels neutral Pandaren to 120 using only the starting area

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A lot of you might not care about this milestone even after I explain it, but I’m going to do it anyway. You’re welcome.

In 2012 World of Warcraft added a new race into the mix: the polarizing Pandaren, who were taken from Warcraft III and given their own world and expansion. They’re extremely unique in the sense that initially Pandaren start off as a neutral race who aren’t allied with either the Horde or Alliance factions. Eventually after leaving the starting island you need to pick a side, but you can actively choose to never leave and subject yourself to low-level experience activities like pet battles and the like. Basically, you’re better off just leaving the island and leveling normally: unless you’re NeutralAgent.

The mad player is back at it again after reaching level 90 with 174 days played a while back, and has now hit the new Battle for Azeroth level cap of 120, using the hashtag “#FortheNeutral.” They remind us that there are no mailboxes in the Pandaren starting area (The Wandering Isle) so they couldn’t help themselves in any way with gifts or boosts from other characters.

It’s the little things like this: the individual achievements that make me love MMOs so much. It might seem like a waste of time to you but to this person it’s everything.

Neutral Agent [Twitter]

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