All Showcase unlockables and rewards in WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 Showcase rewards

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WWE 2K23‘s Showcase is quite different because instead of succeeding as the cover star, we’re defeating him. Throughout this mode, we go through John Cena’s losses to get all of the Showcase unlockables and rewards in WWE 2K23. 

From a playable Kurt Angle to the ECW One Night Stand arena, here’s everything you’ll unlock from the Showcase in WWE 2K23. Hopefully, you can see John Cena while fighting him.

All Showcase unlockables in WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 The Undertake WWE 2K23 Showcase Unlockables
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There are 17 matches you’ll need to finish to collect all of the Showcase unlockables in WWE 2K23To acquire them, you’ll need to finish all of the objectives the game sets out. For example, during the Rob Van Dam match, the game will tell you to Irish Whip John Cena out of the ring. To do that, you have to choose a direction and then hold the circle button (B on Xbox). Regardless, here are all of the unlockable wrestlers, rings, and other collectibles in WWE 2K23‘s Showcase mode. You may want to tweak your PC setup to make sure the Showcase matches run well.

  • One Night Stand arena
  • WWE Championship (2006)
  • John Cena One Night Stand 2006
  • Rob Van Dam
  • Smackdown arena (2002) with the big fist!
  • John Cena ’02
  • Kurt Angle ’02
  • Vengeance arena (2003)
  • U Can’t See Me entrance animation
  • The Undertaker ’03
  • WrestleMania 34 arena
  • John Cena ’18
  • The Undertaker ’18
  • Night of Champions arena (2008)
  • John Cena ’08
  • Triple H ’08
  • SummerSlam arena (2016)
  • John Cena ’16
  • AJ Styles ’16
  • SummerSlam arena (2006)
  • John Cena SummerSlam 2006
  • Edge ’06
  • Edge SummerSlam 2006
  • Lita ’06
  • Lita SummerSlam 2006
  • New Year’s Revolution arena (2006)
  • SummerSlam arena (2021)
  • Roman Reigns ’21
  • John Cena ’21
  • WrestleMania 28 arena
  • John Cena ’12
  • The Rock ’12
  • SummerSlam arena (2014)
  • WWE Championship belt (2014)
  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship
  • John Cena ’14
  • Brock Lesnar ’14
  • Backlash arena (2003)
  • WWE Undisputed Championship
  • John Cena ’03
  • Brock Lesnar ’03
  • SummerSlam arena (2008)
  • John Cena ’08
  • Batista ’08
  • Hell in a Cell arena (2009)
  • John Cena ’09

The secret characters


After you’ve completed the majority of the Showcase mode, there will be a few dream matches to complete. Like the ads for WWE 2K23, you can also play as an invisible John Cena called Super Cena. Then, there’s an ultimate battle between John Cena, Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, and Stone Cold Steve Austin to cap off the mode.

  • Super Cena (Invisible John Cena)
  • Bruno Sammartino
  • Hulk Hogan
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