All Quarry and Fish Farm Blue Medallions locations in Resident Evil 4 remake

Blue Medallions Quarry Fish Farm Resident Evil 4

Something’s fishy here…

The Quarry Blue Medallion and Fish Farm Blue Medallions are pretty hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully, we can help.

Fight through the infected villagers and use your cunning to fulfill your goal. Here’s where every Quarry and Fish Farm Medallion is in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Where to find the Quarry Blue Medallion

Blue Medallion Quarry Resident Evil 4
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The first Quarry Blue Medallion can be found near the second spiked gate. Once you pass the overhead bridge, look up to the left-hand side of the rocks. You’ll see a Blue Medallion dangling on one of the wooden platforms. Shoot it down with a scoped rifle.

Where to find Blue Medallions in the Fish Farm and Boat

Blue Medallion Boat Resident Evil 4
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The other four Blue Medallions are at the Fish Farm and Boat. The first is by the shore of the lake. Head down to the bottom level and go on the wooden boardwalk. Turn around 180 degrees and then look to the left. You’ll see the blue medallion shining among the thin foundations. However, don’t get on the boat next to Leon yet.

Blue Medallion Shack Resident Evil 4
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Now that you’ve found the Blue Medallion at the dock, head on over to the Fish Farm. Take the ladder and follow the left path. Drop down to the water, take out the tough foes that await you up the ramp, then go immediately straight. There’s a shack with a life buoy on it. Go inside and you’ll see the third medallion there.

Fish Farm Resident Evil 4
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To find the fourth medallion, go right from the shack. Go right again once you reach the water and keep following the water path. At the end, you’ll see an enemy with a sickle. Above his head, you’ll see the next medallion. Shoot it and you’ve almost finished your objective. This is much easier to find than the Quarry Blue Medallion.

The last medallion

Resident Evil 4 Remake Fish Farm Collectible
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From this location, turn a full 180 degrees and go up the ramp ahead. Turn left. Immediately after the second stack of sandbags, drop down to the left. Turn around again and then walk under the bridge. Look right and you’ll see the last Blue Medallion gleaming on the wooden wall. You’ll also find Hexagon Piece B to your left in the same area.

The Quarry Blue Medallion is probably the hardest to find out all these five, but thankfully you’ve now taken out all of them.

When you’ve found all of the Blue Medallions, return to the Merchant to retrieve your reward. You’ll get four spinels for your efforts, which can be used towards treasure maps and weapon upgrades like the Laser Sight. You can also get a new pistol called the Punisher. Good luck on the rest of your Resident Evil 4 remake adventure.

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