All-Pro Football 2K8 trailer and cover art (Update)

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I’m still not sure what to expect from All-Pro Football 2K8 when it comes out later this Summer for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I try to buy just one football game to last me every console’s lifespan, and after passing on half a decade of Madden games, I thought All-Pro was going to be my next generation answer.

With over two hundred legendary players to choose from, I envision epic gameplay that will let me pretend I’m rewriting history with gruesome tackle sound effects and venerable battle cries. Then the trailer starts, and instead I hear Jurassic 5 hip-hop music. I’m not a gray gamer with a cane in my hand moaning about the problems with today’s youth, and I actually do enjoy the music, but this sends a mixed message.

I realize they’re trying to appeal to younger gamers who aren’t concerned with the heroic jerseys from the past, although this gives me the feeling that it might just be another typical sports game. The visuals start with a painful hand-through-knee clipping scene, but the rest looks fun and intriguing so far. Which players will you call dibs on when you play with your friends? I’m going straight for Walter Payton and Jerry Rice. Check out the cover art below.

Update: For a better understanding of how the team creation limitations will work, check out the extra video interview after the jump.

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