All NPC locations in Fortnite chapter 4, season 1

All NPC locations in Fortnite chapter 4, season 1

New season, new NPC locations

Fortnite chapter 4, season 1 brings a whole new island with it, so you’ll need to relearn everything you picked up in the previous chapter. The “inverted island” is gone forever now, and it’s time for the Oathbound/medieval theme.

Here’s where to find all of the NPCs in chapter 4, season 1. Remember, the “…” dialogue icon will help you locate the exact location of each NPC quicker.

All NPC locations in Fortnite chapter 4, season 1

NPC locations in Fortnite chapter 4, season 1

  • #1 – Aura – This NPC can be found in the far northeast corner of the map, above Brutal Bastion near the coastline (it looks like a mining rig area as you approach it)
  • #2 – Evie – You’ll find them in the woods in the center of the map, above Faulty Splits to the northwest
  • #3 – Frozen Fishsticks – Found wandering the icy wastes to the northeast of Anvil Square
  • #4 – Frozen Red Knight – This NPC inhabits Brutal Bastion
  • #5 – Omega Knight – This NPC is hanging out northeast of Faulty Splits
  • #6 – Princess Felicity Fish – Felicity Fish is on top of/inside of a smaller spire to the southwest of The Citadel (you can zipline there)
  • #7 – Raptorian The Brave – You’ll find them just northeast of Shattered Slabs, near the woods
  • #8 – Neymar Jr. – You’ll find this famous NPC in a soccer field just outside of Slappy Shores’ city
  • #9 – Scrapknight Jules – This NPC resides in Faulty Splits
  • #10 – Helsie – You’ll find them in the southwest corner of the map, below Shattered Slabs
  • #11 – Joni The Red – Go to the very south end of the map, below Frenzy Fields
  • #12 – Snowheart – True to their name, Snowheart can be found in the center north of the map, above a structure in the ice
  • #13 – Sunflower – Sunflower can be located in Frenzy Fields
  • #14 – Surrr Burger – You’ll find this NPC in Anvil Square
  • #15 – Wild Card – Head to Shattered Slabs to locate Wild Card

You can also find the Ageless Knight boss NPC in The Citadel. Here’s a full guide on how to locate it and defeat it.

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