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Up close and personal.

Melee combat in Starfield.

If you think yourself an old soul, and find yourself drifting more towards swords and knives in games as opposed to pistols and assault rifles, you’re probably not alone. Sometimes, it can be quite fun going through (in-game) life with the added challenge of being a close-range fighter. If this sounds like you as you traverse the wide universe of Starfield, you might want to read on.

As in past Bethesda games, there are a fair amount of melee weapons in Starfield. As of writing, there are at least nine options to pick from scattered throughout the game’s massive world. Like with the game’s pistol armory, these weapons can be looted from your enemies or bought from a shop. But, in one particular weapon’s case, it can be found in a particular location.

List of Melee Weapons in Starfield

  • Barrow Knife
    • DMG: Physical, 22
    • MASS: 0.34
  • Combat Knife
    • DMG: Physical, 16
    • MASS: 0.36
  • Rescue Axe
    • DMG: Physical, 17
    • MASS: 1.40
  • Rispshank
    • DMG: Physical, 12
    • MASS: 0.40
  • Tanto
    • DMG: Physical, 40
    • MASS: 0.45
  • UC Naval Cutlass
    • DMG: Physical, 20
    • MASS: 1.40
  • Wakizashi
    • DMG: Physical, 49
    • MASS: 1.35
  • Osmium Dagger
    • DMG: Physical, 28
    • MASS: 2.70
  • Va’ruun Painblade
    • DMG: Physical, 42
    • MASS: 1.80
    • Location: You can find this blade on the Key Crimson Fleet base. Join Vanguard, accept the mission to join the Crimson Fleet, and you’ll eventually encounter a vendor named Zuri Abara, who will have this blade with them.

If more melee weapons are uncovered as players make their way through the universe, we’ll be sure to update this page accordingly. In the meantime, stick with Destructoid for all things Starfield!

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