All is not well in Vegas 2, online chokes

When I rushed home from the store the other day with Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (PS3 version) in hand, I couldn’t wait to try out the multiplayer and see how much it improved upon the first. Much to my dismay, however, I was only able to get into two matches over a two-day stretch. At first, I figured it was just my PS3 and router fighting amongst themselves again. They’ve been known to tussle on occasion.

Thanks to a little research on the Internet, I’m now convinced that I’m not dealing with a flaky Wi-Fi connection. It seems that something is amiss in Vegas 2, and it has started to gain attention. Various users have reported a variety of bugs, but it’s the inability to join games that’s causing the big stir. Even though the servers are showing rooms that are not full, many attempts to join them are met with errors that a connection cannot be made.

Ubisoft is aware of the issue, and we’re sure that a fix is, without a doubt, in the works. Unfortunately, this is of little solace to those of us who shelled out the $60 on day one, and expected a much smoother experience than this. This will most likely be over with by next week (thanks to patching), and I’m not half as pissed off as this guy obviously is, but to say that I’m filled with disappointment would be an understatement. Way to go, Ubi.