All-in-one system seller sent to prison, fined

You know those stupid 69,000-in-one consoles you see at flea markets and street vendors? They’re the ones that look like a Nintendo 64 controller and have several dozen NES games tucked away on some memory chip. Yeah, those pieces of crap. The guys selling those seem to be everywhere you go, don’t they? Well, if the FBI has their way, they won’t be for long.

One Oakland, Florida reseller was hawking wired and wireless models, both with over 70 games built-in, of the Power Player Super Joy III system for $24 and $48 dollars respectively. He probably thought he hit the big time when he received an order of 100 units at wholesale price. Unfortunately for him, the FBI placed the order. 

Upon raiding his facilities, the FBI found that our reseller had earned some $400,000 selling about 8,500 units of this pirate console. If you subtract the $415,000 he was fined, it seems he got off a bit light. But throw in that 15 months of prison time, and things aren’t looking so “Super Joy” anymore.

Have you ever tried playing one of these? 

[Via Game|Life]

Dale North