All Halo fans will probably want to watch Halo Wars 2’s launch trailer

Even if they don’t all want to play it

Halo Wars is a curious thing. The Halo ties give it some crossover appeal for people who just want more Halo canon. But, the real-time strategy genre may be the exact opposite of first-person shooters. These games are Halo in name and lore only.

That’s why you can’t exactly fault a Halo fan for showing disdain toward Halo Wars. It’s just not really what they signed up for. It’s like that time Lil Wayne made a rock album. Yeah, it’s still Lil Wayne and it’s still music, but just because you think he’s a good rapper doesn’t mean you want to listen to him fumble his way through a guitar solo.

With Halo Wars 2 just a couple of weeks away, Microsoft has released a launch trailer that appeals to the Halo fan far more than the real-time strategy fan. It’s all sci-fi action cinematics, a look that’s much more befitting of a summer blockbuster popcorn flick than a game about commanding units around a battlefield. It’s neat but also probably misrepresentative.

For those who have an interest in Halo Wars 2 but aren’t committed to purchasing it, keep an eye on Destructoid in the coming weeks. We have a giveaway planned that will have some lucky readers playing for free.

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