[All gone] Come get your Mythos closed beta keys!

All keys are gone. Emailing will do nothing.

Remember Mythos? The old incarnation of the Diablo-like game had been in beta in 2007 and 2008, until things didn’t quite work out for the mostly ex-Blizzard Diablo guys at Flagship Studios (something about a Hellgate). The game was later picked up by Korean publisher Hanbitsoft, and it has now entered closed beta in Europe.

Europe!? But what if you live in Chile? Or the U.S. or Canada? Well luckily for you, European publisher Frogster Online Gaming was kind enough to provide us with some closed beta keys for the European beta, which can be accessed regardless of where you live. And by “some” I mean 150 keys. It’s like a second Christmas!

To get one of the beta keys, simply do the following:

1. Register at the Mythos Europe site for your Mythos account.
2. Registering will link you to Yusho, Frogster’s online game account thing. Login there with the same username and password you just signed up with. It will ask you to confirm your account via an email you’ll get. Do that.
3. Don’t email me.

You don’t have to make a blog post about Mythos! Just disregard the previous thing about the link, because people seem to misread “link to blog post” as “Create a blog post about why you deserve to win”. A username will do!

5. Click send!
6. Receive an email reply with a shiny beta key which you can enter here!
7. Once you entered your beta key, you can download the 1.2 GB client following site instructions, or via this link. Don’t worry about the GER bit in the client filename, because the installer and game are both in English.

Should you run into any hiccups during registration, check out this support thread.

Keys will be sent out on a first-come-first-served basis, one key per person.

Read this: All keys are gone! If you didn’t get a key but still sent an email before 3 AM CET/2 AM GMT, the email probably got lost in transit or you didn’t leave a working username via email. Have fun everyone who  got their keys!

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