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All Bubbul Gem rewards & how to use them in Tears of the Kingdom

If you go down a bizarre rabbit hole of a sidequest, you can spend your Bubbul Gems

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When adventuring through the world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you may notice a series of blue/translucent-looking frog-like creatures hopping around caves. Those are Bubbuls, and they yield Bubbul Gems, which can be spent at a specific vendor in Hyrule for rewards. Here’s where to find them.

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Where to find Bubbul Gems in Tears of the Kingdom

Bubbuls can be found in caves throughout the game.

They’re not just restricted to errant caves though, as caves in story-related quests and sidequests can facilitate Bubbul encounters too. All you need to do is shoot down a Bubbul with an arrow and you’ll get one Bubbul Gem per kill. They’re not hard to take down: the real challenge is finding them.

How to start the Bubbul Gem sidequest

To actually spend those gems, you’ll need to locate the eerie brothers Koltin and Kiltin. They’re conveniently holed up near a cave northeast of Central Hyrule, at Pico Pond near the Woodland Stable.

When you reach them, Koltin explains that they want to transform into a creature (a Satori) by eating Bubbul Gems. He wants his first one sharpish, and you can either find it in the cave behind the duo or just deliver one you already own. Turn one in to get a Bokoblin Mask reward.

Koltin will say “We’ll meet again, somewhere,” and will vanish. Afterward, Kiltin notes that they will be “making the journey to Tarrey Town,” which is a hint regarding where to go next. A strong hint actually, as the sidequest shows where Tarrey Town is with a quest marker.

Where to turn in Bubbul Gems, and a list of rewards

Head to Tarrey Town (the exact location can be located on the map above) and speak to Kiltin. They’ll explain that Koltin will set up shop on a hill to the north of Tarrey Town at night. Conveniently, there’s a fire right by Kiltin at a nearby house. Interact with it and rest until night.

Jump off the ledge and glide over to Koltin’s very-visible shop (or just use the nearby Skyview Tower fast travel point) and speak to them. They’ll also for more Bubbul Gems, and will provide you with items to keep enabling their insatiable habit. Here’s a list of rewards we were able to get with our supply of Bubbul Gems (we’ll keep this updated):

  • Moblin Mask (2 gems)
  • x3 Hinox Toenails (3 gems)
  • Mystic Robe (3 gems)
  • x8 Fire Keese Eyeball (3 gems)
  • Lizalfos Mask (3 gems)

The real “gem” here so to speak is the Mystic outfit set, which allows Link to take more damage by redirecting it to Rupee losses, rather than health. While it has limited uses, it can be a great way to take down a tough boss you’re struggling with, adding some extra margin for error.

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