All black market auction house locations in WoW Dragonflight

All black market auction house locations WoW Dragonflight 0

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World of Warcraft has hosted the black market auction house for several expansions now, and the diversion of a mechanic allows players to bid, and earn, rare items. Dragonflight is bringing the black market back, and there are two spots you can find it: which happen to be two locations that are fairly accessible, even for newer expansion players.

You can find a black market in Valdrakken

The black market has returned in WoW Dragonflight, and it’s in Valdrakken. If you just look at the map, you might find the directions a bit confusing.

The black market in Valdrakken is located at coordinates 20, 50: and it’s actually underneath the Little Scales Daycare on the Valdrakken city map. Just soar down into the gulch below on your dragonriding mount and enter the doors in the image above.

You’ll find Black Market Guard NPCs outside of the entrance, and you’ll want to speak to the NPC Ms. Xiulan.

You’ll find another black market south of the Obsidian Bulkwark

Head to the centrally located Obsidian Bulwark in The Waking Shores (the Dragonflight starting zone). Veer south, and speak to Steelsage Gao. The coordinates are 42.5, 66.

Steelsage Gao will be sitting in the center of the encampment in the open air, near a cliff.

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