Aliens vs. Predator will have slit throats, gouged heads

We’ve all seen the execution animations for the Predator in AvP. Decapitations and Xenomorph-tongue ripping are the order of the day and it all looks rather fabulous. While chatting with Rebellion’s art boss Tim Jones, I just had to ask if my favorite sci-fi monster, the Aliens, would be getting their own supremely gory murder animations. I was not let down with the answer.

“Yep, the Alien gets some pretty gruesome kill-moves — including tail stabs, gouged heads and slit throats — among other things,” he answered. “The Marines don’t get the opportunity to do the same though: it would seem out of character for them to rip their (extremely powerful) opponents apart at close range.  The Marine has a formidable arsenal of firearms for taking his enemies out at range instead.”

Unfortunately, I could not quite get Rebellion to confirm that first-person chestbursting would be happening once again. In answer to my question, Jones merely replied: “All I will say is that if first-person gore is your thing, then this game is definitely for you.”

This game is sounding better and better the more I hear about it. Playing as a Xenomorph is always badass on its own, but a Xenomorph that slits throats? You can count me in, as if I wasn’t in already! Oh, and I bet first-person chestbursting is back.

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