Aliens vs. Predator gets special editions, release date

Rebellion’s Aliens Vs. Predator has been slated for February since forever, but today the official release date has been set in stone. Not only that, but it’s been made known that the game will go the Modern Warfare 2 route and ship with three different versions — Standard edition, Survivor edition and Hunter edition. 

The Survivor edition will be AvP‘s version of “Hardened,” coming as it does with a metal case and a code for downloadable multiplayer maps that are being planned for after the game’s launch. The Hunter edition is a far more extravagant prospect, offering the same map codes alongside a Facehugger model, a Weyland-Yutani sleeve badge and a “3D lenticular postcard.”

Sound luxurious, and more than a little silly. I want to deride this as yet another unnecessary special edition, but my Aliens fanboyism is preventing me. Damn it … I am probably going to end up reserving that.

Jim Sterling