Aliens vs. Predator DLC maps available for plebs soon

If you are buying a special edition version of Aliens vs. Predator, then you will get early access to four multiplayer maps not currently available for the regular game. Of course, not having the maps available to all would be ludicrous, so Rebellion has promised that the four maps will be released for regular purchase soon after the game’s release. 

AvP comes in three flavors — the regular pleb edition, a Survivor Edition and a Hunter Edition. Both Survivor and Hunter come with download codes for the special maps. Hunter Edition goes further by providing a graphic novel, a Weyland Yutani badge, lenticular cards and a Facehugger model. No prizes for guessing what I have on my pre-order list. 

I’m just annoyed that I only found out there’s a PC Hunter Edition today. I wonder if it’s not too late to change my order? In any case, AvP is out next week and I think it will be quite good. A review will come as soon as I can get hold of the thing.

AvP Special Edition DLC available to all “soon after release” [VG247]

James Stephanie Sterling