Aliens vs. Predator DLC coming. sequel might come too

In space, nobody can hear you spend pretend Microsoft money on things that don’t physically exist. Rebellion has confirmed that downloadable content for upcoming interspecies gangbang Aliens vs. Predator is in the works.

Rebellion co-found Jason Kingsley said that his team is “absolutely” working on DLC for the game: “We’re in the phase where we enter submissions. The teams are having a break and coming up with ideas … We’re discussing things with Sega at the moment. The amount of DLC will depend on Sega’s commercial requirement, but we’d definitely love to do a lot.”

Kingsley also stated that a sequel is something the team would like to do: “We’ve learnt a lot doing this game and we can really build on this and go further than what we’ve done so far. You always have to draw the line at some stage and polish what you have, get the frame rate up and get the gameplay working brilliantly. But there are a lot of ideas we came up with that we just couldn’t fit in.”

I’m really crossing my fingers for AvP. I hope it’ll be good, but Rebellion’s recent string of misses makes me worry. As a lifelong Aliens fan, I’m itching to play more Xenomorph games … they just better be good ones.

Aliens vs Predator DLC ‘already in creation’ [CVG]

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