Aliens vs. Predator demo downloaded 14,000 times on XBL

Some may claim that the Aliens and Predator franchises are dead, but the apparent success of the Aliens vs. Predator demo seems to indicate that there are a lot of fans left in the world. According to Rebellion, AvP has been downloaded 14,000 times on Xbox Live alone, which is pretty decent, considering it’s not had a lot of major coverage. 

I’m legitimately surprised by this, however. I’ve barely been able to find a match on the 360, and when I have, it’s usually some bullsh*t like a one-on-one round. The PC has a lot of healthy, full matches going, but I figured nobody was playing the 360 version at all. Still, those that are playing it seem to like it. Rebellion proudly notes that the game has a Live approval rating of 4.5/5 right now, and I know all about 4.5s!

In any case, AvP is out this month, and the first review from Game Informer gave it a 5.75. I expect quite a few reviews will treat the game poorly, while a small handful will “get” what the game is really about and love it. From my demo experience, I appear be among the brave and the few. We’ll get our review out there as soon as we get the game and can enjoy all the multiplayer modes.

Aliens vs Predator demo hits 14k downloads on Live [CVG]

James Stephanie Sterling