Aliens RPG thrown on the scrapheap, according to designer’s resume

Remember the Aliens RPG that Sega was supposed to be bringing out? The one that was announced and then went quieter than Anne Frank’s wardrobe? If you were looking forward to it, prepare to be sad, because one of its developers has let slip news of its cancelation

The information comes from the resume of ex-Obsidion designer David Kondor, who listed among his work experience the following: “Designer for canceled third-person action Aliens RPG (Xbox 360, PS3, & PC)”.

That appears to seal the deal. Sega has not issued forth any comment regarding the RPG, which was announced several years ago without any news since. However, with the publisher already working on Aliens: Colonial Marines and a newly announced Aliens vs. Predator game, it’s reasonable to assume that the mysterious RPG was scrapped. Three Aliens games on the go at once is a bit much. 

A shame, since I can’t get enough of games based on the Xenomorphs. The ones that don’t suck, anyway.

Jim Sterling