Alien vs Predator: Preds jump on stuff, Aliens climb stuff

More details have surfaced regarding Sega’s Aliens vs Predator, courtesy of the British Official Xbox Magazine. The fresh intel concerns a few tweaks and changes that Rebellion has made to the classes since we first saw AvP on PC so many years ago.

Predator fans will be pleased to know that the dreadlocked skull fetishists have had quite the overhaul, with a lot more skills this time than just being able to turn invisible. Along with their signature cloaking device, Predators also get to jump and glide from ledges and tree branches, making them more suited to being the stealthy hunters that they were in films. 

On the Xenomorph side, Aliens have been slowed down a little this time, since they were allegedly far too fast beforehand. While they’ve been taken down a gear, Aliens are still able to skitter about on any surface they desire, climbing up walls and along the roof.

The game is also being aimed straight for adults, with plenty of blood and violence to accompany the game. We know that the Predator gets a particularly vicious finisher, able to pick up a marine, snap his neck and yank both his head and spinal column right out of the body. Even better, the freshly detached head will still blink and gasp for a bit. That’s almost enough to make me orgasm, but I mostly come at night. Mostly.

This game sounds hotter and hotter with each new blast of data. My only question is this — will AvP see an end to Gearbox’s Colonial Marines game?

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