Alien vs. Predator console patches no longer coming

If you are among those who have been anticipating a patch for Aliens vs. Predator on your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you can probably stop waiting now. SEGA has no plans to give you what you want. In a post on the official SEGA forums, Assistant Community Manager Julian Mehlfeld has revealed the unpleasant news:

I’ve just received a mail this AM regarding patches for the console versions of AVP and I regret to inform everyone that these have sadly been scrapped. 

Mehlfeld goes on to state that he’ll continue to fight with the powers that be to try and get this decision reversed. That’s positive, at least. Still, there have to be a lot of very upset console gamers right now.

No change in plans is expected in regards to the PC version of the title, which should continue to receive support from SEGA for the time being.

Regarding Console Patches [SEGA Forums via Eurogamer]

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