Alien vs. Predator ‘Bughunt’ map pack coming July 7

Hope you haven’t traded it in yet, because Sega has announced that it’s releasing its second downloadable content for Aliens vs. Predator on July 7.

Called the “Bughunt Map Pack,” the DLC will contain two new multiplayer maps for “Deathmatch,” “Predator Hunt,” “Infestation,” “Species Deathmatch,” “Mixed Species Deathmatch,” and Domination. Also in the pack will be two more maps designed specifically for the “Survival” mode.

Sega says the maps will included “environment hazards and new weather effects.” Then again, it also says that detailed descriptions of the maps can be found on its official website, but the last thing it mentions is an Alien and Predator “galactic dance off” in PlayStation Home. So I’m not sure if I can believe them.

The “Bughunt” pack will be available for $6.99 on PC and PlayStation 3, which translates to 560 MS Points for the Xbox 360. You thinking about picking it up?

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