Alien: Isolation hits a new low plus other deals in the Bundle Stars Sega Sale

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Anyone up for a good jump scare?

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Lately, Bundle Stars has been all about Sega titles. This amped up over the weekend as we saw Total War titles on sale with nearly Steam Summer Sale-like prices, but early this week Bundle Stars has turned the notch up a bit with its best offer in the sale to date: Alien: Isolation for $7.99.

This drop on Isolation is the best price to date from an authorized retailer. During the Steam sale, we saw it fall to $12.49, which is a good price, but for the same price at Bundle Stars, you’ll net Alien: Isolation Collection (base + all DLC). The discount is valid through Thursday, July 28.

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Another hot offer at Bundle Stars is the Sega Genesis Pick & Mix listed above. In this sale, you have 45 classic Genesis titles to choose from, where you can buy five Steam keys for $1.99, ten for $3.49, or twenty for $4.99.

It’s a solid bargain when you consider the first option on the list of games at Bundle Stars is Sonic the Hedgehog. If you were to buy that game on Steam right now for list price, you’d pay $4.99, while this gets you 20 keys for the same price.

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