Alice: Madness Returns gets trademarked, no one cares

Remember American McGee’s Alice? It had two major flaws. The first was that its gameplay was only so-so and the second was that only Sid Meier gets to put his name before his games. American McGee does not deserve that nor will he ever. Half of that might be taken care of in the game’s sequel as EA as trademarked Alice: Madness Returns, and American McGee’s name is nowhere in site. 

Of course this sequel was supposed to come out last year and after the game was announced we heard nothing about it. It might have been easy to assume, especially since there was no mention of it at this year’s E3, that the game was scrapped. However, EA just trademarked it, so it looks like this thing is still a go. Of course a trademark hardly means anything, and this game could sit in development forever and eventually become vaporware.

In fact, lets start placing bets now. Vaporware or actual game?


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