Alan Wake’s music license expiring soon, Remedy has to pull game from sale

Alan Slept

It seems that Remedy’s Alan Wake won’t be available for purchase much longer. Announced over on the Remedy forums, the team will be pulling the original game from sale due to the music license expiring. This will affect both PC and 360 versions as well as physical copies and digital ones. American Nightmare was able to get re-licensed, so that game will remain (for now).

If you’ve always fancied getting the game, Remedy will be holding a sale on Steam from tomorrow (May 13) until May 15. The game will be 90% off (making it roughly $3), so you really won’t have much reason to say no. American Nightmare will also be on sale to push people to get into the series.

I definitely enjoyed Alan Wake when I played it. With Remedy seemingly losing the rights to Max Payne, Alan felt like a proper continuation of the dark comedy they started with Max. It also had similar controls and even featured the voice of everyone’s favorite pill popping, depressive murder machine (James McCaffrey). It was just plain good.

Alan Wake Sunset Sale 13.-15.5.2017 [Remedy Community]

Peter Glagowski
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