Alan Wake not showing at TGS

A couple days ago we mentioned an old Microsoft promotion that indicated Alan Wake would be at the Tokyo Game Show this year. The form Alan Wake was going to take at the show was previously unknown to us, so we decided to kid around a little bit at the game’s expense. As it usually turns out, Remedy has confirmed on their official forums that the game will not be seen in any capacity at TGS this year. The following is the statement Markus Maki of Remedy gave in response to a forum member:

The Microsoft Vista promotion referring to TGS took place in 2007, and is old news – we’ve had the winner over for taking the pictures already.

Sorry for the confusion and possible disappointment, but this was not an announcement that Wake would be shown at TGS 2008. Remedy’s team is just getting back from a bit of holiday and we haven’t had time to chat with Microsoft on upcoming shows/showings yet.

Thank you, Markus, for crushing my dreams yet again. If there’s anything we can take from this in a positive light, it’s that we can now officially confirm that work has been done on Alan Wake. The guys at Remedy took pictures of the winner of Microsoft promotion. It’s all about baby steps at this point in the delay cycle.

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