Alan Wake might be interesting one day, but not today, says Remedy

Alan Wake hasn’t exactly been generous with information since its 2005 “reveal.” In fact, nobody really knows what it is, despite the fact we’ve known it exists for a long, long time. The lack of any sort of information is actually quite boring, but that’s okay — Remedy has promised that one day, something interesting might happen … just not yet.

“Yeah, I think we will see something interesting,” states Remedy. “[We] will be looking at our schedules and sorting interviews etc. out when the time is right.”

According to the studio, GDC might be “a little too early” for this fabled interesting thing to happen, which of course means we won’t see hide nor hair of the thing. Remedy insists the problem is that it’s a small studio and as such, things take a long time. 

That’s fair enough, but it still doesn’t explain why anybody should be excited for the game yet.

Jim Sterling