Alan Wake 2 will have a Performance Mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Alan Wake 2 will have some smooth scares.

Alan Wake 2 received casual confirmation that i a Performance Mode for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is on the way. Although Remedy Entertainment divulged plenty of story details for the upcoming horror game, specific performance details on consoles remained unknown.

That changed recently when Communications Director at Remedy Thomas Puha confirmed a Performance Mode for the more powerful systems. Since “visuals and ambiance” were Remedy’s priority, Puha stated that Alan Wake 2 aimed to be a 30fps experience. According to his Twitter post, this has since changed as the studio included a “solid” Performance Mode.

Puha noted more details would come later and clarified a few points in the comments. Among these include confirming the 30fps restriction didn’t impact the PC version and that Performance Mode is being tweaked. Other comments asked about a potential 40fps mode for HDMI 2.1 compatible TVs and a physical release, but Puha didn’t answer these.

A glaring omission in the tweet is any mention of the Xbox Series S. With concessions, Microsoft’s less powerful system and its beefier sibling have to run the same library. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Series S version lacked a Performance Mode, but it may be disappointing for those who’ve yet to upgrade.

Alan Wake 2‘s focus on visuals over framerate isn’t surprising either. Remedy Entertainment wears its cinematic inspirations on its sleeve, along with any influences it takes from gaming.

It’s still great knowing 60fps is an option for many console owners at least. Hopefully, we will know if the Series S version also has a Performance Mode before Alan Wake 2 drops on October 27 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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