Airport Security roleplaying? You must be joking

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Let me say that thanks to my beloved Destructoid, I spend a lot of time in airports. Waiting in lines, waiting to check in, waiting for security to mess up my neatly organized suitcase, waiting for a grumpy ticket mistress to give me attitude about changing a seat, etc. Due to this experience and a matter of personal preference, I hate airports with a passion. If I didn’t need them to get to events, I would have issue whatsoever destroying them in a fury of pyromania and ecstasy.

That being said, when I stumbled upon Airport Security today I actually had a moment where my brain shut down completely from confusion over the game’s existance. Sure, it’s a Shockwave game, so it’s not quite as troubling as if it was put out by a major developer, but still. You want me to play a game about BEING IN THE AIRPORT???? I think I’d sooner claw my eyeballs from the sockets, but you know, that’s just me. Bonus points for surviving three flight delays? Score goes down if you kill a flight attendant? How about this: you change Airport Security into an FPS where I get to shoot everybody I see in the face? The mere idea soothes me.

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