Air Raid copy sells for $31,600!

It pays to read the internet, kids. Or at least it did for Tanner Sandlin of Austin. He was reading a CNN article on rare videogames and saw that he actually owned one: Air Raid, for the Atari 2600.

Sandlin bought this game when he was about 12 years old at an overstock goods store for somewhere between $5 and $10. He sold it last sunday for $31,600! CNN says this is the second-highest price ever paid for a videogame, after Nintendo’s Stadium Events, which sold for $43,300. It turns out that this is the thirteenth known copy of Air Raid, which makes it pretty rare. What really worked to get that price up is that this is the only known complete, in-box copy in the world.

Sandlin dug the game out of his garage when he heard that it might be worth something. An expert declared it authentic and it went up for auction.

What’s funny is that Sandlin recalls that he game wasn’t that great.

Man sells old video game for $31,600 after reading [CNN]

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